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Namaste, Myself Shailendar Pandey. I am the Owner and Founder of Dream City Tours and Travels. A local Tour Operating Company in Mumbai, India. We Provide all type of Mumbai Tours along with Transport in Air-condition Car. Let me give you a short history of Mumbai...

Mumbai, earlier known as Bombay, is the capital of Maharashtra and the largest city of India. Mumbai initially was the accumulation of seven islands on the Konkan coastline, which with the passage of time joined to form island city of Bombay. It further joined Salsette islands in the neighbourhood to form Greater Bombay. Bombay got its name from Bom Bahia, meaning "Beautiful Bay", given by a Portuguese. This was later popularised as Bombay state by the British. Current name of Bombay is Mumbai. More so, many say that Mumbai happens to be its original name, which is derived from "Mumba", a local Hindu Goddess "Mumbadevi", and "Aai", means "mother" in Marathi. However, its name was on the records changed from Bombay to Mumbai in 1995.

Mumbai is also a City of Dream, many people from India or Outside India they all want to visit Mumbai once in their life to see the City of Dream. In Dream City Tours and Travels we provide you extracly the same we give you the feeling of local Mumbaikar and show you why Mumbai is a City of Dream, A City which never Sleeps, A City which never Stops, and A City of Bollywood. Do join us in a family of Dream City Tours and enjoy your holidays or Vacation's in Mumbai and make our Family Big we are waiting for you....

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Shailendar Pandey (Founder, Owner & Guide)
Shailesh Pandey (Co-owner & Guide)
Rameez Shaikh (Guide)